AFROTECH Conference 2022
Sponsorship Letter

Dear [Approving Manager],

I am writing to request sponsorship to attend AFROTECH Conference, a multi-day tech event taking place Nov. 13-17, 2022. This week-long conference offers a chance for impactful connections all across the tech and business community and provides an expansive window into hundreds of corporations looking for partnership opportunities with diverse businesses, designers, and thought leaders. It will be a fitting time to exchange groundbreaking ideas with the larger tech community. After attending this event, I will return equipped with actionable skills, connections, and strategies to implement within our team. These lessons learned will ultimately improve team efficiency and morale as well as expand our knowledge of Web 3 and increase our technical capabilities.

AFROTECH Conference is bringing together technology and business executives at the top of their game to share their expertise through workshops, panels, and keynote presentations. Some of the industry leaders featured include: [list of high-profile speakers]. The event will also have daily programming focused on innovation in operations, corporate marketing, leadership, emerging tech trends and more! I plan on attending several talks, including: [list talks].

Many of the talks at AFROTECH Conference align with our goals or specifically address some of our team challenges. For example, [list a specific talk that links to a goal].

The Corporate registration price is $800 and includes access to all the workshops, presentations, and corporate-only networking sessions.

This investment will allow me to support our team with new skills, a larger network, and more innovative ideas. In addition, I can provide a report of my key takeaways and recommended actions for our team to ensure we get the full value of this conference. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to your response.


[Insert Name]