covid-19 POLICY

Blavity Inc. x AFROTECH is committed to ensuring the safety of our attendees, sponsors, and team at AFROTECH Conference 2022.
We will abide by governmental guidelines when possible as we strive to balance public health concerns with AFROTECH’s needs.

All AFROTECH Conference 2022 attendees must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test before picking up their conference badge in Austin.

Blavity INC will accept proof of:


Up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination per CDC guidelines.

This includes all doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible. (Any WHO-approved vaccine will be accepted.)



Proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no earlier than 72-hour prior to badge pickup at AFROTECH Conference.

Both PCR and antigen tests will be accepted. Antigen tests must be verified by a medical professional (physician, pharmacy, or lab results accepted).

We are partnering with a CLEAR Health Pass to streamline compliance with the above COVID-19 policy.
Further information will be provided soon on the screening process details.

The AFROTECH Conference 2022 COVID-19 policy is subject to change based on Blavity, Inc.’s discretion.


CLEAR Health Pass

AFROTECH has partnered with CLEAR to use its Health Pass to provide easy proof of COVID-related insights for faster entry into the Conference.

How to Complete your CLEAR Health Pass

  1. Download the free CLEAR app and tap the Health Pass button on the home screen.


    Select “Events” and find AFROTECH Conference 2022. 


  2. Follow the prompts to confirm your proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to complete your Health Pass.


  3. Before you arrive, reopen the Health Pass tile and produce your pass. Green is good to go!

Have questions? Please contact CLEAR’s Member Care team by calling 1-855-CLEARME (253-2763) or emailing 

With CLEAR, you are always in control of your information. To learn more about how CLEAR protects user data, see CLEAR’s privacy policy here.

Health and Safety Measures

Prior to the Conference

  • Attendees are encouraged to get tested and know their status before arriving in Austin, Texas.
  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms, or who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or who has interacted with someone with COVID-19, should stay home.
  • Download the CLEAR Health Pass for faster entry into the Conference.
    • If you do not have the CLEAR App, be prepared to show your documentation(s) at the manual health screening stations.
  • Blavity recommends that all attendees and staff comply with travel guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and visit the CDC website for more information when traveling to Austin for AFROTECH Conference 2022.

During the Conference

  • All participants will be asked to provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to arriving at the Austin Convention Center, Hilton Austin, and other conference venues.
  • Face masks are not currently required within Austin venues per local government/health authority requirements. 
  • For those who wish to wear a face mask, please feel free to do so. We ask that everyone respects those around them who choose to wear one. 
  • If you experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 at any time during the Conference, please remain in your room and follow CDC guidelines for self-isolation. We request that you also notify the AFROTECH Conference support team at
  • The Austin Convention Center is committed to providing a clean, safe, and healthy venue for the safety and well-being of its guests. Learn more.

After the Conference

  • Attendees are encouraged to monitor themselves for symptoms and take a COVID-19 test if feeling under the weather.
  • Please make sure to notify the AFROTECH team at if you experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 at any time within 14 days after participating in the Event. 
    • Please note, this information will be held strictly confidential. It will only be used to inform other Conference attendees of the possibility of exposure (this notice will not include your name). 

Note: Attendees acknowledge that they are participating in the event at their own risk, and Blavity will not be held liable for anyone who is exposed to, or catches, COVID-19 during the course of the event.

Blavity will continue to monitor the state of the pandemic and adjust the appropriate health and safety protocols accordingly. Please note that these protocols are subject to change.